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The Geo Analyst


TheGeoAnalyst™ is a cloud-based viewer and data hosting service that offers our clients the ability to view and analyze 3D geospatial data sets including lidar point clouds and imagery, as well as integrate 3D data into enterprise applications. TGA™ offers a complete solution package for hosting, accessing, and analyzing 3D geospatial data from anywhere.

Data Fitness software

Data Fitness™

Poor data quality costs the US economy alone an estimated $3.1B/year. What is your geospatial data good for? How does the quality of a new data set compare to that of an existing one? Don’t guess - use Data Fitness™ to measure quality in an unbiased, repeatable and statistically valid way.

Data Fitness delivers a data quality diagnostic that quantify errors of omission (things missed), errors of commission (over collected), and attribute accuracy. Evaluate, score and quantify data's fitness for use™.

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Foundry was born through solving critical needs that have arisen while dealing with massive geospatial datasets. Foundry commercial software is built upon Continental Mapping’s expertise in building geospatial data, as well as proven agility to meet requests and needs of partners and clients.

Product Road Map

The product road map includes release of additional geospatial production tools, data quality and fitness of use, cloud-based lidar data management, geospatial project management, and predictive analytics. 


Open source technology is a critical component to our GEOINT clients. We assist those clients by sourcing volunteered geographic information, building and managing open data, giving geospatial context to data, porting select tools to open source technologies, and offering development services to our clients to extend existing applications.

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Foundry develops and supports geospatial software to enhance global decision making.

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