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What is your geospatial data good for? Manually determining quality has typically been time and cost prohibitive, and still yields errors. Determining fitness for use™ is an even more dynamic problem.

Data Fitness™ is a cloud-based software solution to assess and score geospatial data quality while assisting organizations to optimize their data quality procedures within the Capability Maturity Model.

It is difficult and time consuming to evaluate errors of commission, omission, and attribute accuracy within geospatial data sets. Further complications include human bias during the review process, and a lack of statistical validity. Data Fitness applies artificial intelligence and geospatial statistics to address these issues.

This Quality-As-A-Service offering delivers a metric for data quality (the Map Tolerance Percent Defect – MTPD™ ). Through its Fitness Center™, users have the ability to manage data quality archetypes, which combine use cases with data products and desired and actual MTPD™ scores.

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