for Microstation.

The key to cutting software cost over-runs, Watch Dog tracks license usage in multi-user environments, keeping users from exceeding license total and encountering unnecessary/expensive license fees.

Microstation has a licensing model that allows you to use more than you have purchased but it will then bill you, creating potential for huge cost overruns. This tool monitors license usage and stops users from going beyond the license count setting. 

It only took one big bill from Bentley to get this tool developed. It has saved Continental Mapping thousands of dollars.


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Poor data quality costs the US economy alone an estimated $3.1B/year. What is your geospatial data good for? How does the quality of a new data set compare to that of an existing one? Don’t guess - use Data Fitness to measure quality in an unbiased, repeatable and statistically valid way.

Data Fitness delivers a data quality diagnostic that quantify errors of omission (things missed), errors of commission (over collected), and attribute accuracy. Evaluate, score and quantify data's fitness for use.