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Finishing Mill is a MicroStation app that expedites the completion of a project. Whether you are building data for yourself, others in your organization or an external client, Finishing Mill will help you polish off the project. Finishing Mill facilitates text placement across several data types and final file preparation.Like most Foundry products, Finishing Mill cuts clicks without cutting corners. Finishing Mill was developed to cut out up to a day of busy work prepping a dataset for delivery. As they say, time is money.

Finishing Mill contains three text placement tools for hydrography, roads and railroads. Hydro Name Params, Road Name Params, and Railroad Name Params set text size and font parameters and facilitate the Place Text command. The Grid Placement command prompts the user to identify the size of the grid in design file units, whether or not to place annotation and if so, whether to place it inside or outside the grid.

Functions include:

  • Detaches all reference files
  • Compresses the design file
  • Sets the active level to 63
  • Turns on all levels
  • Sets the view to top
  • Fits the design file to the screen
  • Sets the weight on
  • Turns off the grid
  • Saves the current settings
  • Deletes any type 66 elements

Finishing Mill

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  • $4.99

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