Access to robust 3D geospatial datasets is critical for many projects from large, enterprise scale geospatial projects such as statewide data collection efforts to highly transactional smaller scale projects such as equipment tracking on pipeline construction projects. Continental Mapping’s software development division – Foundry™ – has developed a product that meets both of those needs, TheGeoAnalyst™, and personalizes it during implementations to meet customer needs.

TGA™ is a cloud-based analytics and 3D data hosting service that offers our clients the ability to engage and analyze large data sets, view data layers, integrate other data streams such as public or private map services or real-time equipment locations as well as view published enterprise GIS data layers. In addition to viewing and interacting with spatial data, analysis of a dataset can be posted to the application so that all users can stay informed as to the status of a project. Users can utilize TGA Turbo™ to integrate the data streams via an API into numerous enterprise applications.

Foundry utilizes agile software development methodologies to build and implement TheGeoAnalyst, as well as its other commercial software products.

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